Image from Fortescue Green Pioneer

Successful Propulsion & Manoeuvrability Trials by Fortescue’s Dual-Fuelled Ammonia-Powered Vessel in the Port of Singapore

Fortescue, with support from the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), government agencies, research institutes, and industry partners, has successfully completed propulsion and manoeuvrability trials of its Singapore-registered Fortescue Green Pioneer in the Port of Singapore. The trials were conducted using 6.4 m3 (4.4 tonnes) of liquid ammonia, in combination with diesel … [continued]

ChatGPT & DALL-e generated panoramic image depicting a dusty and abandoned hydrogen electrolysis facility in a desert

Fortescue & Nikola Insane Green Hydrogen For Trucking Play In Waterless Arizona Desert

Green hydrogen is absolutely essential for decarbonizing the massive global warming problem that is current hydrogen use. Our current 120 million tons is a global warming problem on the scale of all of aviation. You would think that fixing that would be the highest priority, and that deeply irrational alternatives … [continued]

Hydrogen Cars, Not Dead Yet?

In a move destined to created heated conversation in the EV community, “Fortescue and ATCO Australia have opened Western Australia’s first green hydrogen refuelling station at ATCO’s Clean Energy Innovation Hub in the Perth metropolitan area.” Apparently, hydrogen cars are not dead yet. The refuelling station will will mainly be … [continued]