Federal Transit Administration

U.S. Department of Transportation: $85 Million Funding Opportunity For Technologically Advanced Transit Buses

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Transit Administration (FTA) has announced the opportunity for eligible applicants to apply for up to $85 million in competitive grant funds through FTA’s Low or No Emission (Low-No) Bus Program. The Low-No Program helps project sponsors purchase or lease low or no emission vehicles that use advanced … [continued]

California Rail Electrification Funding Trump’s Transportation Secretary Wanted To Kill Gets Funded In New Budget…

A proposed new budget deal in Congress would preserve funding to electrify rail lines between San Jose and San Francisco. That corridor is one of the busiest in the nation as it serves the tech community on the San Francisco peninsular known as Silicon Valley. Bringing electrification to the rail transport system would have a significant effect on carbon emissions in the region and reduce the area’s well known traffic congestion.