Enel X Announces A New Suite Of Intelligent, Connected EV Chargers For 2020

Enel X has launched a cohesive new line of EV charging solutions to kick off 2020. The new solutions create a full suite of EV charging solutions designed to solve the needs of customers in residential, workplace, commercial, and public charging. The new family of Enel X chargers builds on the success of the JuiceBox, introducing new variants across the residential charging horizontal as well as complementary products in completely new market verticals.

Image Credit: ABB

Terra 23/53 Range Of DC Fast Chargers Passes CHAdeMO 1.0 + Third-party CE Certification, First…

Leading power and automaton technology supplier ABB recently announced that its Terra 23/53 range of fast chargers had passed the new European certification process for DC fast chargers at Applus+ IDIADA, the independent certification house in Spain — becoming the first fast chargers to do so. The chargers in question … [continued]