fake meat

Is Meat The New Coal?

Apparently, the major reason for deforestation is the production of beef. Our insatiable appetite for burgers is contributing to climate change. I am not going to suggest that we should all stop eating animal protein, but we might be wise to minimize our dependence on it for several reasons. Like … [continued]

Lab-Grown Meat Has Arrived, And It’s Good News For The Planet!

While everyone is talking about electric cars and autonomy as a huge disruptor to the global economy, there is another elephant in the room that not many people seem to notice — lab-grown meat! A few days ago news broke that China bought $300 million worth of lab-grown meat from three Israeli-based companies — SuperMeat, Future Meat Technologies, and Meat the Future. While the price per lb/kg was undisclosed, I would not be surprised if the price paid was at or below farm-grown meat.