ChatGPT & DALL-E generated panoramic image depicts an eVTOL aircraft with tilting wings, artistically crafted to resemble origami with detailed paper folding, enhancing its whimsical, toy-like appearance.

Chinese Ehang EVTOL & Customer Cuisinart Certified As Rural Toy, Undercapitalized

In the past couple of years, far too much digital ink and far too many investment dollars have been wasted on origami electric vertical takeoff and landing nonsense. Evtols, especially the ones that fold, are typically rushed prototypes that have no path to certification without US$1.5 billion in funding, a … [continued]

Image provided by Lightning eMotors.

Saint Louis Taps FAA Funds To Get Electric Shuttle Buses From Lightning eMotors

For many people, transit seems like an obvious environmental improvement over people driving in individual ICE cars. When buses are full and driving at efficient speeds, that’s true, but the transportation landscape is changing. Not only are personal vehicles getting more efficient, but many buses drive around almost empty a … [continued]

DALL·E generated image of grounded airplanes

6000 US Flights Grounded: NOTAM Failure Serves As A Wake-up Call For Digital Air Traffic…

The FAA’s NOTAM system failure serves as a reminder that while the benefits of DATC are clear, the path to full implementation and acceptance will be neither smooth nor quick. It will require a concerted effort from all stakeholders in the industry and a willingness to invest in and fully embrace the technology.