Doing The Math On Climate Change With Bill McKibben Adds Up To “We Are So…

Bill McKibben is a mild-mannered writer and college professor from Vermont who has transformed himself, somewhat reluctantly, into one of the most outspoken critics of weak-kneed government action on climate change and the pernicious influence of the fossil fuel industry on global politics. He has been jailed for speaking his mind and vilified by any number of right-wing talking heads. He started a group called 350.org (you may have heard of it) that has become one of the leaders for climate change action in the world.

The EV Black Knight Rides Again: John Petersen on Mortal Enemies

In commerce, a black knight is someone who makes an unwelcome takeover bid. John Petersen is not an EV supporter. Rather, his disclosure exudes a contempt for the EV that is pervasive throughout his work, while he admits to previous commitment to lead-acid batteries and a present ownership in Axion Power. A recent article throws down the gauntlet as he tries to take over the EV conversation: the Black Knight rides again. […]