EV DC Fast Charging

Image from Atlante.

90 Ultra-Fast Solar-Powered Chargers for Italy

Atlante’s ultra-fast charging stations, designed by Bertone Design, equipped with solar panels and energy storage systems, will soon arrive on Italian highways to serve electric mobility Milan, Italy — Atlante, the company of NHOA Group dedicated to electric vehicles fast and ultra-fast charging network, has won the first tender in … [continued]

Tritium & EvGateway Bringing EV Fast Chargers To More Places

For EV drivers, every new support system, every new facility, and especially those fast charging stations with enough charging ports for each EV driver pulling up to charge, are immensely appreciated. That first sigh of relief — “Oh, I found you” — quickly followed by, “and you’re working!” If you’re in luck, that’s followed by, “You’re are working fast!” A new partnership will bring about that series of responses to many more people.