EV conversions

Is Converting Old Cars To Electricity A Collector Crime?

Disclaimer: I’m writing an electric vehicle (EV) conversion book and come from a classic car collector background, where purity, provenance, and historical significance are the prime values. It wasn’t until driving a Tesla Roadster that it became clear to me that the electric motor has more untapped potential and is a lot of fun to drive. That puts my purist nature at odds with my preference for an electric future.

Worldwide EV Road Trip Happening Now — A Fascinating Story To Follow!

You may, or may not, have heard that for the past 662 days, a Dutch man has been driving across the world in an electric car. He started in the Netherlands, has driven up, down, and around Europe (passing through 20 European countries), journeyed through the Middle East and Asia, and has just made it to Indonesia, so is now not far from his destination of Sydney, Australia.

The 1st Electric Car To Circle The World — Nissan Qashqai Conversion

Hjalte has already seen me coming up the driveway to their house. He opens the door and greets me. I notice the electric Nissan Qashqai jacked up with one rear wheel removed. “What’s wrong with your car?” I ask. “Green won’t charge,” he answers. “Nina thinks it has something to do with the charge port, and I removed the wheel to be able to look behind it.”