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RWE Dramatically Changing Its Business Model, Making Radical Departure From Conventional Utility Approach

Much has been written about the potential death of utility companies that don’t adapt to the distributed, clean energy revolution that is underway. They’ve been called dinosaurs, obstructionists, dummies, and much more. Well, it seems that German utility RWE, one of the largest utilities in the world, doesn’t want to fall … [continued]

4 Solar & 8 Transport Stories Not To Miss

Some clean transport and solar power stories you probably don’t want to miss: Transport The Arrogance Of Space High-Speed Trains Good For Quality Of Life, Economy, Air, Climate, Society… Rail Competitive With Air Between Many US Cities Housing Near Transit = Good Investment (Also see the APTA press release and the Streetsblog story) DIY … [continued]

Poland Announces Renewable Energy Targets

I don’t hear about Poland much when it comes to renewable energy, despite living here. When I do hear about it, it is often in a negative respect — Poland relies heavily on coal and is probably the largest opponent in the EU to raising EU-wide renewable energy targets.

The Polish government announced its renewable energy goals for this year, up to 2015, and up to 2019 on Tuesday and, considering it’s rather important role in the EU, I thought I’d share those with you (with a bit of commentary, of course).