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Leveraging Blockchain For Sustainable Energy: A WCS Talk In Palo Alto

The number of investments, partnerships, and consortia for blockchain technology keeps growing, and more companies are taking a closer look at this disruptive technology. At this Women in Cleantech & Sustainability event, an expert panel will explain blockchain technology and discuss key topics, such as how the technology is currently being used in the energy sector, who the main actors are working on blockchain, and interesting applications and use cases that are being explored.

Deep Decarbonization Draft Offers “Transformational” Climate Strategies (VIDEO)

As unprecedented storms, extinctions, and water, food, and energy wars continue to touch our world, warnings about destructive human-made climate change multiply and increase in stridency. At the United Nations in New York yesterday, some possible solutions were officially released. (VIDEO available here.) Experts from leading world research institutes convened … [continued]