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US President Donald Trump Says US Has “Almost Limitless Energy Resources” — What Is He…

While the belief that the world will never have to deal with energy constraints and shortages is a somewhat common belief — who knows how someone could actually believe that, but apparently some people actually do — the recent comments that US President Donald Trump made that the US has “almost limitless energy resources” actually surprised me somewhat.

4-Year Growth In World & US Advanced Energy Use

Both worldwide and here in the United States, advanced energy use is growing, says Advanced Energy Economy’s 2015 Market Report. Prepared by Navigant Research for the national association of businesses involved in best available advanced energy technologies, the publication has eyed the advanced energy industry and its components annually for four … [continued]

Turtle Beach Resort, Barbados, uses renewable energy

Renewables Benefit Island Tourism, Says New IRENA Report

With the local tourist season ending this Labor Day, it’s time for a look at how renewables can benefit island  tourism, which stays open year-round. Island policy makers, private sector investors, international financial institutions, renewable energy companies, power utilities, operators of hotel chains, and tourism businesses all have something to gain … [continued]