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+330,000 Jobs in 2 Decades from Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency saves us bucket-loads of cash, but it also creates jobs for our fellow Americans (and the money they make goes back into our economy).

James Dixon, chairman of the National Association of Energy Service Companies, recently pointed out on Politico that, since 1990, the energy efficiency industry has added 330,000 jobs (I imagine some of you have such jobs). Here’s more:

“Be an Energy Star” Video Challenge (+10 More Cleantech Stories of the Week)

Energy Star has a “Be an Energy Star” video challenge going on right now (on YouTube & Facebook), geared at highlighting the many great things people around the country are doing to save energy. Interestingly, I didn’t run across news of this via any of my normal cleantech avenues, but found it on sister site sustainablog. Jeff over on sustainablog chose the video below as his favorite so far (though, there are still a number of videos to come, as the contest runs until September 16). I have to admit it’s pretty cool and cute.