energy poverty

SLOPE can show how energy and transportation burdens vary across a jurisdiction’s census tracts. Image from SLOPE with editing by Fred Zietz, NREL

SLOPE Illustrates Opportunities in Philadelphia’s Equitable Carbon Neutrality Quest

The city of Philadelphia has pledged carbon neutrality by 2050, and the State and Local Planning for Energy (SLOPE) Platform is illustrating opportunities to reach that goal equitably. Access to clean energy benefits is inequitable across the nation, and Philadelphia is no exception. Philadelphia is one of the most energy-burdened … [continued]

What Energy Deprivation Really Means In Refugee Camps

There are few places in the world where energy poverty is more rife than in refugee camps. About 80% of those who live in camps have absolutely minimal access to energy for cooking and heating, and about 90% have no access to electricity. Displaced families can use renewable energy to create revenues, and start the journey to reclaim their lives. Women and girls are safer when they have access to a cleaner energy source for lighting and cooking.