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Stamp-Sized Sensor Can Accurately Identify Electric Consumption Of Every Device In Your Home

Reducing or eliminating unnecessary electricity consumption is an effective method of not only decreasing home energy costs, but also decreasing energy waste in the electricity sector, and the rising consumer interest in smart thermostats and other energy management devices and software seems to indicate that this low-hanging energy fruit is … [continued]

Energy Efficiency Goals Transforming Building Industry (+ Energy Efficiency & ‘Other’ News Roundup)

  Some top energy efficiency news from around the interwebs (other than our own energy efficiency coverage): Energy Efficiency News Aggressive Energy Efficiency Goals Are Transforming the Building Industry, According to Pike Research Despite significant growth and much publicity, the green construction and technology market still accounts for only a … [continued]

Connecticut Installs Energy Monitoring System

  A new monitoring system will allow facilities managers at up to 100 state buildings to achieve cost savings by identifying and addressing inefficiencies in energy use associated with building operations. Installation of the EfficiencySmart Insight service from EnerNOC, will give state facilities managers and EnerNOC technical advisors access to … [continued]