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Renewable Electricity Supply to be Cheaper by 2030

  Macro-Economic Benefits An increasing number of countries have formulated policies to introduce renewable energy sources into their electricity supply in order to combat global warming or to decrease their dependency on imported fossil fuels. A positive side effect of this development has been the macro-economic benefits gained by each … [continued]

New Study: EV More Polluting than Petrol??! Not So Fast…

The Devil is always in the details. It is being widely reported on the web that a new University of Tennessee study shows that, when electric cars are charged by grid power where the energy mix is 90% coal, they are more polluting than petrol vehicles. But when we take a look at the actual study, several clarifications come to light that tend to discredit the study and marginalize the results.

Energy Mix Predictions for 2035

The energy industry “is caught in the middle of the world’s uncertainty whirlpool, surrounded by currents of market, regulatory and technical forces that all await resolution,” Black & Veatch (B&V), a large global engineering, consulting and construction company, writes. But while there is plenty of uncertainty, many of us want … [continued]