Midjourney generated image of wind farm stretching to the horizon, bird's eye view

What Do COP28 Double Down, Triple Up & Nuclear Commitments Mean?

COP28 has some good news stories to go with the bad. Prominent among the good news was the Double Down, Triple Up pledge pushed by the Global Renewable Alliance and signed onto by almost 120 countries. A somewhat similar pledge related to nuclear is receiving a lot of media coverage … [continued]

Mazda Might Actually Be Onto Something

Yes, I know. The Wankel rotary engine has a reputation for poor gas mileage, bad emissions, and even longevity issues. That’s why I was skeptical, too, when I heard that Mazda is bringing the rotary back not only as a range extender, but to provide direct power in some cases. After doing a lot of reading on recent research and development, I found that the rotary engine may really come back with its problems solved.