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What’s The Effect of Driving Electric on Broader Energy Conservation? (CleanTechnica #EV Report)

One of the benefits of driving electric is that electric motors and drivetrains are inherently much more efficient than gasoline- or diesel-powered engines/drivetrains. Aside from that inherent energy conservation, though, how much do electric car drivers strove to conserve energy? And how much does driving electric encourage them to conserve energy? These are matters we dug into a little bit in our latest electric car driver report.

Shoring Up Embankments Not Only Sustains The Environment, But Can Actually Save Energy

Imagine the embankments along highways, reinforced hillsides at commercial and industrial sites, and levees that support waterways. What you see – and especially what you cannot see behind the walls — is construction material primarily made of concrete, steel, and even polymers. The legacy engineering and technologies for earth management … [continued]

14 More Ways To Save Energy

Originally published on Cost of Solar. Following up on Friday’s article about ways to save money using the sun, below are some energy saving solutions that are not related to “going solar” or using the sun’s energy in other creative ways. Energy Saving Solutions Using the heat and light of … [continued]