energy bill

Leading Republicans Introduce Clean Energy Bill

After years of procrastination and false claims (i.e. lies) that they were going to help make the U.S. energy independent; after flat-out denial of clear scientific facts; after proposing a market-based system for dealing with environmental pollution (cap and trade) and then demonizing it when Democrats picked it up and try to implement it, leading Republicans in the Senate seemed to have turned a major corner.

Could PACE Get Help from the Energy Bill?

[social_buttons] It is really quite sad what Republicans have done to the Senate and what they are doing to the country and the world as a result. Even conservatives Dick Schmalensee, who served on President George H.W. Bush’s Council of Economic Advisers, and Jonathan Kay are calling out their colleagues … [continued]

Senate GOP Pushing Energy Bill Socialism?

Senate Republicans have long opposed cap-and-trade legislation to grow clean non-polluting energy (along with all the other legislation they opposed that would do it too). Cap-and-trade is a free market option. Each company can pick the best way for them to become more carbon efficient. One alternative is top-down command … [continued]

Majority Leader Reid Reveals Energy Bill is Next

“The energy bill is much further down the road…. Common sense dictates that if you have a bill that’s ready to go, that’s the one I’m going to go to,” Reid told reporters at his weekly press conference this afternoon, according to Kate Shepard at Mother Jones Network. [social_buttons] Reid … [continued]