Emissions Analytics

London & Paris To Test Real-World Vehicle Emissions

Every town and city in the world with motorists must be vigilant at this time to reduce needless and toxic emissions. Vehicle emissions that perpetrate cancers and many other diseases are choking our bodies and choking our planet. London Mayor Sadiq Khan and Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo have set in motion a combined effort to test how dirty vehicles really are in order to kick illegally dirty vehicles out of their cities. The plan is being aided by Emission Analytics.

Volkswagen Is Not The Only Manufacturer Failing To Live Up To Regulatory Test Performance

While Volkswagen may well be the only auto manufacturer with higher-ups arrogant enough to think that they can commit such blatant fraud forever without experiencing any repercussions, the German company is certainly not the only auto manufacturer that produces vehicles that show a large discrepancy between real-world performance and testing-cycle … [continued]