Emergency Preparedness

Why A Modern Connected EV Is One Of The Best Safety/Preparedness Investments You Can Make…

In Part 1, I covered some basic emergency management concepts and discussed how modern connected EVs help with preventing accidents and mitigating the consequences. Now, I’m going to finish the discussion with preparedness, response, and recovery of car accidents and other events. Preparedness There are some accidents that simply can’t … [continued]

Small Generators Aren’t As Good As Solar For Emergency Preparedness (Part 1)

With recent news that California intends to ban small off-road combustion engines (leaf blowers, chainsaws, portable gas generators), I’m already seeing hysterics in the preparedness community (including “doomsday preppers”). Here are a few of the gems I found: While I wouldn’t recommend wasting time typing out detailed rebuttals to every … [continued]