Elon Musk

Elon Musk Book Recommendations

Curious what books Tesla and SpaceX CEO (PayPal cofounder as well) Elon Musk would recommend if you were to ask him? What books inspired his approach to business and entrepreneurship? What sort of fiction he has enjoyed reading? If so… then I have a treat for you. Someone has put together … [continued]

Tesla Gigafactory 1 — Honestly, What’s The Big Deal? (At Essence, It’s Not The Numbers)

Many a sonnet is being written about Tesla’s Gigafactory right now. Here’s a short summary of what they’re saying:

It’s so gigantic that I don’t actually know how to visualize it. The number of battery cells it will produce is so large that I’m not sure I know how to count that high. It’s going to allow Tesla to produce a lot — like, a lot — of cars. It’s a big deal. Really. Believe me.

What Does Tesla Autopilot “Beta” Mean?

Mike Barnard, an expert in robotics, might follow this up with a deeper look into the topic of “beta” as it regards Tesla Autopilot and other matters —  to supplement his articles on why Tesla Autopilot is better than driver-assist features in competing brands’ cars and why Tesla’s approach to self-driving cars … [continued]