ChatGPT & DALL-E generated panoramic image visualizes the metaphor of Sisyphus with themes related to Ballard Power and hydrogen.

Biden-Harris Administration Announces $750 Million to Support America’s Growing Hydrogen Industry as Part of Investing…

52 Projects Across 24 States to Accelerate Breakthroughs in Clean Hydrogen Technology, Cutting Costs and Supporting DOE’s Hydrogen Hubs and Other Large-Scale Deployments WASHINGTON, D.C. — As part of President Biden’s Investing in America agenda, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) today announced $750 million for 52 projects across 24 states … [continued]

May 5, 2023 - The research trio of (left) Michael Talmadge, Eric Tan, and Abhijit Dutta specialize in process modeling for the thermocatalytic conversion of biomass, as a sub-team of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s (NREL’s) Economic, Sustainability and Market Analysis (ESMA) group. (Photo by Bryan Bechtold / NREL)

The City of Impact Lays a Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle Plan for Green Hydrogen

The Hague eyes green hydrogen to boost the considerable offshore wind profile of The Netherlands while deploying existing infrastructure to overcome transmission bottlenecks.