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Credit: Eko ElectriFraud Report

Ekō ElectriFraud Report Skewers Toyota Deceptive Marketing Practices

Ekō is an online organization that seeks to hold corporations to account for their misdeeds. On January 23, 2024, it released a report entitled Toyota ElectriFraud which details how the Japanese company allegedly manipulates its marketing message to confuse customers about what constitutes an electric car. This is not the … [continued]

Turning Over A New LEAF

This article is not literally about turning over a new leaf, nor about turning over a new leaf, specifically, as opposed to an old leaf. Nor is it about rolling a Nissan LEAF onto its roof. I can honestly say that no Nissan LEAF was harmed during the making of this article, and no Nissan LEAF got turned over, rolled, flipped, totalled, trashed, wrecked, wasted, or whatever other words might come to mind.

Home, Home On The Range: Homing In On Electric Vehicle Ranges

A while back, I got into a conversation in the CleanTechnica comments. The other person was lamenting the fact that the range of any electric vehicle is always given as an average. They were saying that they would mainly be driving about town, and so would want to know not the average range, but the sort of range they could expect to get when driving about town. They were saying that prospective electric vehicle buyers should have the full information to help them with choosing which model and make to buy.