electric motors

New Volkswagen ID.4 owner touching up the EV. Image courtesy of Ruby Lynn.

Volkswagen Plans $35,000 EV For America, Lack Of Motors Slows Production In Germany

There has been a lot of chatter online recently about how the EV revolution is coming to a premature conclusion. In September, Volkswagen cut production of its electric cars after the German government phased out EV subsidies for business cars, which led to a decrease in demand. But Reinhard Fischer, … [continued]

Megawatt Electrical Motor Designed By MIT Engineers Could Help Electrify Aviation

Aviation’s huge carbon footprint could shrink significantly with electrification. To date, however, only small all-electric planes have gotten off the ground. Their electric motors generate hundreds of kilowatts of power. To electrify larger, heavier jets, such as commercial airliners, megawatt-scale motors are required. These would be propelled by hybrid or … [continued]

ZF Produces Two Million Electric Motors

ZF has produced two million electric motors, a significant milestone. The tech firm offers a variety of electric motors to automobile manufacturers, including hybrid and electric axle drives for electric passenger cars and electric central drives for commercial vehicles. The two million units that were generated made a substantial dent … [continued]