electric mining trucks

Hiroyuki Ogawa, President and CEO, Komatsu Ltd. (left) and Subhash Dhar, Founder, Chairman, and CEO, ABS (right). Photo courtesy of Business Wire.

Komatsu To Buy American Battery Solutions

The world is changing fast, and leaders in the auto industry have to make the transition to electric vehicles sooner rather than later. That includes large, gigantic, heavy-duty vehicles as well as the fun, nimble electric cars we typically write about. One of the largest heavy-duty vehicle companies in the … [continued]

Harry and Sue's Nissan Leaf. Photo courtesy of Sue Norden.

The Electric Echidna — Mining Truck

How do you go from Laddertubes to electric mining trucks? Why would you call a truck like that an echidna? These are the questions I put to Beau McKenna, marketing manager of Safescape in Australia. He answered: “The Bortana EV was originally a product of mining safety specialists Safescape who … [continued]

Caterpillar And BHP Plan To Create Battery-Powered Mining Trucks

Caterpillar and BHP are partnering up to develop battery-powered mining trucks to support customers’ climate-related goals. BHP, which is one of Caterpillar’s largest customers, announced the agreement with Caterpillar to develop zero-emission battery-powered large mining trucks. The brand new trucks will be designed and built by Caterpillar. The company hopes … [continued]

Quickly Robin, To The Batt Mobile!

Holy guacamole, it’s the Modern Mining Initiative. The recalcitrant Australian federal government is supporting electric vehicles by issuing grants to companies electrifying diesel vehicles in the mining industry. They have granted almost $10 million to Batt Mobile of Newcastle NSW and Elphinstone of Tasmania to develop electric mining equipment for … [continued]