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Egypt Launches 200 MW Solar PV Tender

The Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company (EETC) has launched a 200 MW solar PV tender (on August 30). The tender represents a significant part of the country’s refreshed commitment towards increasing its share of renewable energy, an effort being spearheaded by the New and Renewable Energy Authority (NREA). The new tender … [continued]

Egypt Solar Industry Hails Economic Renaissance

Originally published on Capturing the headlines of the solar industry in the last several weeks, Egypt is attracting the attention of major international solar developers and investors. Following the recent Economic Development Conference held in March, many headlines have further underscored the reality of Egypt’s economic renaissance. Coupling this … [continued]

Egypt Adding 750 MW of Wind Projects by 2014

  A new report has come out on Egypt’s energy future. According to the report, 750 MW of wind projects are on the to-do list. Plus, a nice 100-MW solar plant is be built by 2017. The report covers everything from the country’s market organization to the energy policy of the country. They … [continued]