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PV Cell Manufacturing Breakthrough, New Device Recognizes Damaged Wafers Before Manufacturing, Will Save Billion Of…

During the production of photovoltaic (PV) cells, the rough process often creates microcracks in the uncompleted cells, which then leads to the cells breaking during the fabrication process. This leads to huge losses, as much as 5-10% of all of the PV wafers are destroyed during fabrication! But now, researchers … [continued]

Okayama Solar Absorbers Use “Green Ferrite” to Generate Super-Cheap Electricity from Heat

Okayama Graduate School of Science and Technology is one of many developing solar cells and batteries, but their research team, led by one Professor Naoshi Ikeda, has a unique approach. Instead of silicon, currently the standard component in solar cells, the Okayama team is using an iron oxide compound it calls “green ferrite,” or GF. Professor Ikeda has gone so far as to claim his product will produce 100x the amount of energy as a traditional silicon solar cell.