economic stimulus

Pres. Obama’s ‘American Jobs Act’: Focused, Forward Looking, Equitable & Fiscally Responsible

With the proposal of the $447 billion ‘American Jobs Act’ to a joint session of Congress Thursday night, President Obama again demonstrated his ability to recognize and zoom in on the key issues and challenges facing the US today. Job creation has become issue Number 1 on the political and public agenda, and with the ‘American Jobs Act,’ Pres. Obama and his administration have wasted no time in crafting a program that appears focused, forward looking, equitable and fiscally responsible.

Economic Stimulus for the Rest of Us

There has been a ton of money floating out of Washington the past couple of years. Much is going toward propping up state governments with budget shortfalls, helping those who cannot find work by extending unemployment benefits and COBRA health insurance coverage, and a ton of dough is going to … [continued]