Earth day

Earth Day — Say What?

  For those of us writing about the environment every day, Earth Day is a bit of a strange concept. Every day is Earth Day. That may sound cliche, but it really is like that for us (as I imagine it is for many of you readers). But while it’s … [continued]

Clean Energy Goes Mainstream with Earth Day

All of us are beneficiaries of the paradigm shifts of credit cards and ATM’s; desktop computing and the Internet. For each of these widespread social shifts there were risk-taking start-up companies and “early adopter” consumers that helped lead social and economic change. In the case of today’s clean energy and energy conservation movement, we’ve come a long way from tree hugging by unshaven men (and women), saving the whales (and otters), Greenpeace and recycling in a few tangentially interested California neighborhoods. Going green has become more than an idealistic cause by the liberal left, to more broadly being recognized as an economic imperative.

Happy Earth Day to You!!!

Happy Earth Day to all! This Earth Day, let’s break it all down and see things for what they are. Our world is in a state of climate chaos as a result of our conveniences. This CleanTechnica blog provides an opportunity to see what is being done worldwide in the … [continued]