SunPower Plans 700 MW Solar Panel Production Factory

Solar panel manufacturer SunPower announced last week its second-quarter 2014 results, showing that while it had slipped somewhat in the midst of strong industry growth, it was still confident about its future, producing modules at full capacity. “SunPower’s second-quarter financial performance reflected solid execution as well as strong demand for our industry leading, high … [continued]

Vestas First Quarter Earnings Up On Year Previous

Vestas, one of the biggest names in wind energy manufacturing, released their own first-quarterly earnings on Wednesday, showing revenue, earnings, and free cash flow increased over the same quarter in 2013. According to the press release put out by the Danish manufacturer, Vestas generated €1.283 million in revenue, an increase of … [continued]

Gamesa Increased Earnings In 2014’Q1

Adding their own first quarterly reports to the growing pile of renewable energy companies announcing continuing growth in 2014, international wind energy manufacturer Gamesa announced a net profit of €17 million in 2014’Q1, almost three times as much as posted in the same quarter last year. According to Gamesa, these … [continued]