Domestic Content Requirement

India’s DCR Woes

By Aanal Purani When in the World Trade Organisation, do as the World Trade Organisation says! The World Trade Organisation (WTO) declared on the 25th of February that the US had won a case against India about the local content rules for solar panels and modules. Let us rewind a little and … [continued]

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India To Appeal WTO Verdict On Domestic Solar Content Usage, Again

Committed to shielding its solar power equipment manufacturers against the flood of cheap imported solar power modules, the Indian Government is planning to appeal a recent verdict by the World Trade Organization. Last month, the World Trade Organization (WTO) ruled that a part of India’s National Solar Mission did not … [continued]

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RenewSys India Plans 500 MW Solar Cell Production Line

With rapidly increasing interest in the solar power development market in India, companies are now looking to expand the solar cell and module manufacturing capabilities too. RenewSys India has announced that it placed an order with European companies to set up 100 MW of solar cell production in Hyderabad, India. … [continued]