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Yikes! Zombie Solar Projects Could Rise from the Dead!

The impending Zombie Apocalypse is real and it’s coming to a solar power project near you! At least, that’s what a group of four conservative organizations is saying in a new statement. The foursome is concerned that the proposed “No More Solyndras Act” does not go far enough to choke off federal support for new energy projects that are already in the Department of Energy’s loan pipeline, enabling the survival of “a number of the ‘zombie’ projects that would be allowed to live.” Sounds like the elevator pitch for a Grade B zombie flick, right? And what’s all this about No More Solyndras not going far enough? […]

Yikes! Darrell Issa Doesn’t Know Difference between Tax Credits & Loan Guarantees

What’s the only thing worse than turning a Congressional investigation into a months-long political circus? The leaders of that investigation not having a firm grasp of the policies they’re supposed to be examining.

California Republican Darrell Issa chairs the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, one of the top bodies responsible for looking into the loan guarantee to the now-bankrupt solar manufacturer Solyndra. So you’d think that Mr. Issa would, after almost four months of investigation, be able to distinguish the extraordinary differences between a tax credit and a loan guarantee.


This is the percentage of DOE loan guarantees, to date, that was for Solyndra. (Thanks to a reader for doing the quick math for us and sending the figure along in a comment.)

Percentage of loan guarantees that was for solar? 3.3%

Why is this important?