distributed electricity

Electricity 2.0

Originally published on Solar Love. Forget everything you know about electricity. Distributed renewables will change how we think about energy forever and usher in the age of Electricity 2.0. 100 years ago, Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse fought a titanic battle over electricity. Edison was the champion of direct current … [continued]

Top 10 states in the US for solar, 2013 (lll3cim.wpengine.com)

Top 10 Solar Energy States Per Capita (US)

Environment America Research and Policy Center recently released Lighting the Way, a fascinating hard numbers–based take on the US solar energy boom, the top states that fostered it last year, and what the others are up to. The research organization finds that the top 10 solar energy states—Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, Hawaii, … [continued]