Detroit Electric

The 5 Fastest Green Cars

Green cars are becoming more and more popular as time passes. This is partly due to the fact that the world is showing a distinct preference for tech that factors in the well-being of the environment. And the next obvious avenue for this to influence is the cars we drive — … [continued]

Electric Car Evolution

Originally published on Sustainnovate. Following up on my articles on the history of solar power science, history of solar power policy, history of solar power manufacturing, history of wind turbines, and history of trains, here’s a piece on the history of electric cars. Most people mean “electric car” when they … [continued]

Detroit Electric SP:01 — New Pics

It looks as though Detroit Electric is gearing up to finally release its first production model, after a fair number of hold-ups and delays, as per recent reports. The first model, the SP:01, has had its production appearance “finalized” — with what the company has described as being a more aerodynamic … [continued]

Detroit Electric Car Delayed Indefinitely

Detroit Electric planned to begin building its Lotus Elise-derived electric sportscar at a facility in Plymouth, MI earlier this month, ultimately ramping up to a projected production capacity of about 2,500 units while employing over 100 skilled auto workers. The deal on the factory fell through, the projected demand and … [continued]