Charging Your Electronics In A Rainstorm

Anyone watching Swedish scientist Anja Lund working out on an aerobic stepper recently might have thought it a strange way to get fit. She was stepping while holding a shoulder bag, its arm strap dripping with water. In this case, exercise was secondary to science. Lund wasn’t attempting to break a sweat — rather, she was trying to simulate a brisk walk in the rain.

Meet The Men Who Put Solar Shingles On The Roof

Solar shingles are now gaining increasing traction in the renewable energy landscape. They are architecturally distinctive, more so than traditional rooftop photovoltaic panels. Solar shingles provide an integrated building product providing both roofing security and solar electricity in one package. As PV Magazine’s Charles W. Thurston has stated, “The nascent field … [continued]

Solar3D Successfully Fabricates Initial Prototype

  Solar3D announced earlier this month the successful fabrication of an initial prototype of its breakthrough 3D solar cell technology, which is designed to maximize conversion of sunlight into electricity. The fabrication was done using commercially available equipment from Panasonic. “We are pleased to announce the successful fabrication our initial … [continued]