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Solar farm in Masdar City, Abu Dhabi, UAE. Image Credit: Marika Shahan / CleanTechnica

Solar & Wind News Roundup (Most Efficient Solar Panels, Surprising Solar Owner Facts, SolarCity Calls…

We do our best to keep you addicted to solar and wind energy news. It’s important. We think. To keep you reading good cleantech news and commentary until our next run of stories, check out the links below: Solar Solar PV & Resale Value: Is There An Effect? 9 Surprising … [continued]

Mauritinia solar power plant. Image Credit: Masdar

Desertec Foundation Leaving Desertec Industrial Initiative

This article was first published on Lenz Blog. The Desertec Foundation just announced that they are leaving the Desertec Industrial Initiative. There probably are some reasons for such a step, which obviously won’t help getting anything done. But none of those reasons are really explained in any meaningful way in the press … [continued]