Climate Bill Now Law in Australia

The world’s largest coal exporter and per capita emitter of greenhouse gases has just joined the EU, New Zealand, California and the the RGGI states in passing into law legislation that puts a price on carbon emissions. Australian prime ministers have been toppled for a decade in attempting the feat … [continued]

How Google is Making the Climate War Worse

I am a huge fan of Google. And the company has done far more than any other company to help solve the problems of climate change by investing in game-changing renewable innovation, and even providing an education on climate change, directly. However, it’s core mission – finding stuff for you – … [continued]

Steven Chu: "It Could Be Very, Very Bad"

“It’s not too late; we can minimize the alteration, or we can just plow on as usual … and if we plow on as usual … it could be very, very bad.” So says Nobel Prizewinner for Physics, Steven Chu, who is now Energy Secretary of the Obama administration Department … [continued]

A Zero Emissions Natural Gas Plant?

A new way to use natural gas could cut its carbon dioxide output to zero, making it competitive with solar or wind farms. [social_buttons] MIT Postdoctoral associate Thomas Adams and Chemical Engineering Professor Paul I. Barton have proposed a system which produces power from natural gas without burning it, and … [continued]

Democratic EPA Moves Decisively on Coal

The Obama administration is moving ahead with not one, but three EPA rules that will start to reduce our use of coal, (by far the worst emitter of greenhouse gases in the nation) to move the nation towards a cleaner, safer, healthier energy future, despite misuse of the Senate filibuster by Republicans who are paid to support coal.