Democratic National Committee

Unsanctioned Democratic Climate Change Debate Could Occur On TYT

The Democratic National Committee voted against holding a debate on climate change. Why?

Is the corrupting influence of the fossil fuel lobby forcing theses decisions? Are they are afraid of turning off moderate voters? Are they worried about people demanding a variety of single-issue debates?

For now, we can relegate the answers to the comment section, because any definitive proof for any of these explanations is lacking.

Democratic National Convention 2016 Has Clean Air, Free Electric Bus Rides For All

Proterra, SEPTA, and PECO are promoting democracy-supportive transportation at the 2016 Democratic National Convention. Philadelphia has always been a relatively pedestrian- and transit-friendly city. As much of the nation turns its eyes to Philadelphia for the historic 2016 Democratic National Convention (DNC), the city is stepping that up a notch. Philadelphia’s innovative transit agency … [continued]