Solar-Powered Electric Yacht — Soel Yacht SoelCat 12 — Unveiling In A Few Days

Once you leave your zero-carbon footprint home for a clean holiday using your long-range electric vehicle (EV), what’s better than arriving at your destination and finding yourself ready to continue your zero-emission journey on an electric boat? The idea of lounging and cruising quietly on lakes and seas on an electric pontoon is pretty tempting, and will soon be possible via the solar-powered Soel Yacht SoelCat 12.

Bicycle Infrastructure Policy Needs To Change To Increase Ridership, Improve Public Health (Harvard Study &…

Via the delectable Bikocity, here’s some recent news on bicycle infrastructure research and the need to change the bicycle guidelines in transportation planning’s “Bible” (something I’ve been advocating for, after researching the topic, for years) in order to stimulate a bigger boost in bicycle ridership and better public health. More or … [continued]

eCarLiveDrive 2011 – Test Drive a 155mph SuperBus!

The eCarTec fair in Munich this month addresses issues of energy, infrastructure, and finance, as related to electric vehicles and energy conservation technology. To get visitors in the door, the fair has announced eCarLiveDrive — a host of EVs to test drive on a 0.6 mile test course are part of the package, including a massive Dutch “superbus” prototype.