"Biomass: Good for the Environment" because it's carbon-neutral? (usabiomass.org)

Biomass Emissions Question Arises Again

It’s called “urban biomass,” and it’s ours (spsmw.org). Hard to imagine a subject that would find The Wall Street Journal and Grist in line with each other’s thinking, but burning wood for energy has achieved it. Neither outlet seems to view the topic positively. Both have cited the scientific work … [continued]

Sarawak Energy Responds To ‘Rumours and Commentaries’ On Resettlement Action Plan

Malaysian energy company Sarawak Energy, responsible for the generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity for the Malaysian state of Sarawak, has come under fire recently for the details of their Resettlement Action Plan offered to those who are being affected by the construction of the Murum Hydroelectric Project. According to Sarawak, … [continued]

Tropical Dams Dispel Clean Energy Myth

  Tropical reservoirs are a “methane factory, continuously removing carbon from the atmosphere as carbon dioxide and returning it as methane, with a much greater impact on global warming.” Thus argue the scientists Philip Fearnside and Salvador Pueyo, whose latest article just appeared in the journal Nature Climate Change. In their … [continued]

The Global CDM Hydro Hall of Shame

The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) is meant to catalyze climate-friendly and sustainable projects in low-income countries. Instead, it’s provided massive subsidies to hydropower developers while increasing greenhouse gas emissions. Through deception and abuse of the system, at least two-thirds of all CDM projects are likely not additional, and more are … [continued]