Cruise Robotaxis Entering More Cities

Cruise has slowly been expanding its network of robotaxis and their availability in certain markets. Though, it’s been a long time since the company entered new cities … until now. Cruise is now coming to Houston and Dallas. While Cruise vehicles will be fully self driving and operate even without … [continued]

Report: Cities Designed To Shape & Enable New Mobility

Urban areas that are designed to shape and enable new mobility — by rethinking streets, parking, and more — can lower emissions, enhance health, and improve equity. Experimentation is key to best realize the potential of new mobility while avoiding negative and unintended consequences. Rocky Mountain Institute’s (RMI’s) recent report, Cities Designed to Shape and Enable New Mobility, describes the concept of MOD Cities — living test sites where local municipal governments, developers, financiers, vehicle manufacturers, mobility service providers, and urban designers and architects actively collaborate to co-innovate at the nexus of urban design, vehicles, and new mobility services. MOD Cities would put people first and be seamlessly integrated with the communities and urban fabric at their edges.

Dallas Area Rapid Transit Officials Can’t Tell Whether 2 Different Downtown Transit Projects Are Actually…

One of the primary issues holding up the wider buildout of mass transit options such as light rail doesn’t have anything to do with technological capability or basic economics, but is rather that labyrinthine bureaucratic structures (organisms?) have become the norm in many parts of the country — having seemingly installed … [continued]