Riding In DIY Electric Vehicles In Ukraine (Videos) — EV Flashback

I’ve spent the past week or so thoroughly looking through our archives. In the process, I’ve run across some pretty funny and interesting old articles. This one below is from nearly 6 years ago! Tesla delivered a grand total of 5,500 cars in the quarter this was published (Q3 2012). I went on a cleantech tour of Ukraine at that time (Kiev and Crimea, just before Russia invaded Crimea), and there were many highlights, but it’s hard to compete with the handmade electric car below. Check it out.

Crimea’s Solar & Wind Power Plants In Limbo

Crimea solar power plants and wind power plants are facing an uncertain future according to recent reports. After the region’s move to join the Russian Federation a few months ago, the power plants saw their power purchase agreements with the Ukrainian state-owned utility Energorynok cancelled. With the loss of those … [continued]