The Rules Of Acquisition & How They Apply To Climate Change — Part Three

I suspect, being a progressive bunch, at least a few of us are Star Trek fans. Climate denial is mostly funded by oil company greed, and oil company actions are meant to maximize their profits. So, the idea of this series of short (somewhat satirical) articles is that climate change denial will be analyzed under the lens of each stated rule, how it applies, and what we should consider for our strategies to achieve climate victory over oil company greed.

How Can You Most Effectively Defeat Trump’s Oil & Gas Cronies? #DropPollution #DropCorruption

Yes, Donald Trump’s so-called “presidency” is about much more than oil & gas. Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, & other hyper-racist faux news sources have filled Trump (“Don the Con,” as some people call him … as I’ve heard some people say) with a tremendous amount of crazy-person hate for “others.” I don’t have to describe who those “others” are, I hope, but it is a wonder that Don the Con is so keen to have dark skin despite being so seemingly scared of dark-skinned people.

Gutted EPA Mileage Rules Will Please Global Petro-States

On Tuesday, March 7th, the Trump administration will reverse the Obama administration’s Final Determination requiring automakers meet an average 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025, according to Inside EPA.

An alliance of manufacturers had urged protection for fuel inefficiency in a letter to Trump EPA administrator Scott Pruitt in February, and the industry request is one of hundreds of industry-requested rollbacks in Obama rules that are now on the chopping block, according to the New York Times.