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Adding Context To That Consumer Reports Electric Car Reliability Report

Most everyone in America has seen the screaming headlines. “Consumer Reports pummels electric vehicle reliability,” says a headline in the Detroit Free Press. “Electric vehicles have almost 80% more problems than gas-powered ones,” screeched CBS News. “EVs significantly less reliable than gas-engine cars,” crowed Faux News. Omigosh. The onslaught of negative … [continued]

91% Of Tesla Owners Would Buy Another Tesla, Tesla #1 In Consumer Reports Survey By…

Consumer Reports finds itself between the proverbial rock of its own creation — the low reliability rating of Tesla vehicles — and the cold, hard reality that is the uber positive opinions of thousands of Tesla owners. The 2016 Consumer Reports Owner Satisfaction Survey found that Tesla owners were amongst the most satisfied and that 91% would purchase another Tesla. That puts Tesla #1 in owner satisfaction … by a landslide. It beat #2 Porsche (84%) by a whopping 7 percentage points and #3 Audi (77%) by 14 percentage points.