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BrightSource Energy Has Raised More than $80 Million of Extra Equity Financing

  One of the global leaders in concentrating solar thermal technology, BrightSource Energy, has now raised another $80 million dollars in additional equity financing. Its total equity financing now totals more than $615 million, opening up many possibilities for the company to significantly expand and grow. “BrightSource’s unique technology combines … [continued]

Solar News (10 Stories)

Some recent solar energy news we haven’t hit yet: 1. Agendas for the 7th Annual Photovoltaics Summit and 4th Annual Concentrating Solar Thermal Power, scheduled for April 17-19 in San Diego, have been announced. 2. Kyocera has now launched “its highest-output solar module, the 80-cell KD 315,” the company notes. “The new module is ideal for large-scale … [continued]

Arizona Sun, US Solar Attract France’s Saint-Gobain

Saint-Gobain Solar announced that construction of its solar thermal mirror plant in Goodyear, Arizona has begun. The plant is slated to start production in this year’s fourth quarter, creating 50 permanent jobs and manufacturing millions of square feet of solar mirrors used in solar thermal and concentrating solar power (CSP) installations, including solar concentration towers and liner Fresnel lenses.

Google’s Largest Cleantech Investment Yet (In California!)

I announced yesterday that Google’s investing $5 million into a solar power project in Germany. That’s big, and it’s Google’s first cleantech investment outside the United States. But before we get too pessimistic and down about our dysfunctional political situation and how it’s limiting our cleantech growth, let’s remember that while a Tea-Party-ruined Congress can’t get much done, a number of states are supporting cleantech quite a bit on their own. One such state, as we all know, is California.