Poll: Solar Energy Issue Could Swing US Election

In the upcoming US election, independent voters in the key swing states—the most influential of influential voting sectors—will be more likely to vote for a Republican candidate who vocally supports solar energy, according to a new poll by Public Opinion Strategies. When asked the question “If a Republican candidate for … [continued]

UK Organizations Look Toward 2015 Paris Climate Talks

A group of nongovernmental organizations from the United Kingdom has elaborated on the elements it sees necessary for the planned 2015 Paris climate talks among 196 countries to succeed. The group calls for all governments to accelerate their approaches to decarbonization significantly by initiating much stricter emission reductions and pursuing sustainable energy policies, … [continued]

'Clean energy headquarters' will relocate to Asia while America … stalls

American progress in energy education and research is getting ridiculous. Watching the race to lead worldwide energy technology, an editorial in today’s San Francisco Chronicle details the recent gangbuster investments into clean energy technologies in China, Japan, and Korea. The piece doubles the point by mentioning the recent rejection of President Obama’s … [continued]