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Economic Multiplier at Work: US Solar PV Manufacturers Boost Local Economies, Spur Innovation

Four founding members of the Coalition for American Solar Manufacturing (CASM) purchased more than $400 million in goods and services from other manufacturers and employers in 46 states in 2011, according to a CASM survey. The survey results highlight the ripple effects and positive impact a healthy US solar PV manufacturing sector can have on job creation, income growth and economic development, particularly in areas hard-hit by the exodus of manufacturers from US shores.

Dumping Solar: Study Sheds Light on Solar PV Trade Flows, US-China Manufacturing

Research and analysis of solar PV manufacturing costs and international trade flows shows that Chinese silicon solar PV manufacturers have only a slight cost advantage on their US counterparts, and that excludes transportation costs, the effect of inflation rate differentials and other factors.
Furthermore, the extraordinary rise in Chinese exports of silicon solar PV cells and panels to the US could only be sustained with the support of massive government subsidies.

Dumping Solar: The Case for CASE, Solar Growth and China’s Subsidies

International trade tensions are rising and taking on increasing significance and urgency all the way up to national and international policy levels, as illustrated by Pres. Obama announcing the creation of an international trade investigations task force in his State of the Union address Tuesday evening. Clean Technica interviewed a senior solar energy industry executive and board member of the Coalition of Affordable Solar (CASE) to better understand its opposition to international trade petitions filed against China’s subsidizing and export of silicon solar PV cells and modules currently under investigation by the Commerce Dept. and International Trade Commission.

US Wind Tower Group Files Dumping Complaint Against Chinese, Vietnamese Manufacturers

Trade frictions between China and the US continue to intensify as a group of four US wind tower manufacturers filed a complaint with the US Commerce Dept. and International Trade Commission that calls on them to investigate the group’s claim that their Chinese competitors, operating in both China and Vietnam, are benefiting from a raft of improper government subsidies that enable them to engage in predatory pricing here in the US.