coastal cities

Photo by Carolyn Fortuna / CleanTechnica

What Can We Do To Protect Our Coastal Communities From Extreme Weather Damage?

Joe DiStefano, CEO of UrbanFootprint, wants you to be aware of the surprising overlap between prominent regional climate risks and domestic migration patterns. It’s clear that we’re witnessing a growing trend of people moving into areas prone to extreme weather threats, such as coastal communities. DiStefano says that it is … [continued]

Florida Sea Level Rise & Unchecked Coastal Developments

The piercing emerald-green waters of the Gulf coast of Florida and the wilder expanse of shimmering waves on the Atlantic coast, especially near Miami, attract immense amounts of development on an essentially flat limestone sponge — a porous sandy terrain. Even without climate change, the tropics are a throw of the dice when hurricane season comes along. With climate change and sea level rise, coastal developments make no sense — and yet, day by day, month by month, large coastal luxury buildings shoot sky high, with almost no sidewalk to spare on one side and sand that will soon be under water on the other. No wall can hold back that water — it will just leak through underneath.