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EV Chargers in front of Land of Sky Clean Vehicles Coalition, NC, Image courtesy of CleanTechnica

Clean Cities Celebrates 30 Years Of Acting Locally To Generate National Impact

Clean transportation technologies are entering the market and hitting the roads faster than ever with billions of dollars in new investments from the federal government and private industry. Recent federal investments include $7.5 billion for a nationwide network of electric vehicle (EV) and alternative fueling infrastructure, as well as more … [continued]

The Success Of “Clean Cities” Shows How US Government Can Help Deploy More Clean Tech

A long-standing federal effort to decarbonize transportation proves how advanced technologies can make meaningful, real-world impacts by intertwining national goals and initiatives with local, community-based actions. The innovative model built over the past 30 years by the Clean Cities Coalition Network demonstrates how federal programs can successfully deploy new technologies … [continued]

Takeaways from the Clean Fuels Summit in New Orleans

Louisiana Clean Fuels and Clean Cities Coalition recently teamed up to bring the Clean Fuels Summit to New Orleans. This was an event that landed me in the Harrah’s Casino Hotel by the Riverwalk, where I could hear the blasts from the river cruises nearby. On the evening before the summit, LCF held an awards ceremony where Executive Director Ann Vail honored several partners and businesses that help to advance the nation’s environmental, economic, and energy security by supporting local actions to diversify transportation fuel options.

Louisiana Clean Fuels Has A Master Plan for EV Charging

Louisiana Clean Fuels, an independent nonprofit affiliated with the US Department of Energy’s Clean Cities program, is helping Louisiana electric vehicle owners by creating a master plan for DC fast charging. 

The goal is to create easily accessible charging spots for electric vehicles that are not Teslas (but Tesla owners can use them as well) throughout the state along the state’s Interstate highways.