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Sky Solar, China Development Bank, & Sigdo Koppers to Invest $900 Million in Solar PV…

  Sky Solar, China Development Bank, and Sigdo Koppers recently “signed a cooperation framework agreement for the investment in and construction of 300MW of solar photovoltaic power plant projects in Chile with a total investment of US$900 million,” Sky Solar notes. “This collaboration formally begins the start of the grid-parity solar PV market … [continued]

Element Power Adds Educational/Cultural Center to Solar Power Projects in Chile’s Atacama

Projects such as building the center are part and parcel of Element’s efforts to develop its business internationally and domestically, a business strategy that incorporates socially beneficial outreach aspects to its activities. Element views such initiatives as bi-directional in that it results in a give-and-take and exchange of information and opinions between the company and local residents.